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About us

Who are you?

Hi there! My name is Bec and all of the blood, sweat and tears that go into each glitterbomb product is mine.

How did Glitterbomb start?

Glitterbomb Jewels came into being in late 2015 after I realised I just didn’t have any purple earrings at all.

I looked for some online, and found plenty. But there was also blue ones and pink ones and red ones and green ones and I couldn’t buy them all really, could I?

So instead I decided to make my own. They turned out so awesomely that I decided to take up this new hobby.

Is it really just a hobby?

It sure is. I work full time. Making jewellery is a spare time thing, and I really enjoy creating new pieces – and the ensuing compliments when I test them out!

Will your jewellery irritate me?

The only annoying thing about our stuff is that it’s hard to pick just one colour!

All of our earring studs and wires are made from surgical stainless steel and our chain necklaces are sterling silver. They will not cause you irritation.

I bought a thing from you and it looks a bit different to the pics!

It sure will. Unless the item you’re receiving is the one I took photos of, it’ll be a bit different. That’s the nature of handmade items. Glitter or foil might sit differently, colour mixtures may be slightly different and try as I might to avoid it, there may be a dreaded bubble in there. I do my best to make sure things look as close as possible to the picture provided. If you’d like to see a picture of the actual item before you order, just get in contact with me first.

Where are you located?

GBJ HQ is located in Canberra, Australia.  We can ship worldwide, just ask us for a quote.

Where can I see your jewellery in real life?

Check out our stockists and market dates page to stay up to date with where you’ll find us!

How can I get in contact with you?

You can contact us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

I’ve seen things similar to yours but cheaper. Why is that?

With products starting from just $10, we have something for everyone.

The usual price for our stud earrings is $15. As mentioned above, we use surgical stainless steel for the earrings which are a little more expensive than “nickel free” earrings many others use.

Many other similar earrings are made with glass cabochons (that is, an image is stuck to the glass dome which is then inserted into the metal earring back).

Here at Glitterbomb, all of our earrings are hand poured with resin. It takes time and effort to set the glitter in resin, then pour the dome, remove bubbles and allow 24+ hours to cure. Depending on the style, more time is required for sanding and polishing, another then 24 hours may be required to allow the glue to dry if we are affixing earring posts.

All of this takes time and patience, which is factored in to our earring prices… which we think are still VERY reasonable!