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2017 in review

2017 in review

Hi Glitterfans!

Welcome to the first of hopefully regular blog updates for Glitterbomb Jewels.

Can you believe it’s 2018 already? Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Glitterbomb is now heading into its third year and we’re excited for what’s to come. 

Before looking to the future, we’ve spent the last few days reflecting on the past and some of our favourite achievements from 2017. 


We had our second birthday and celebrated with you by having a big sale, where you guys bought 51 pieces of jewellery across 20 orders!

Our first stockist

Our products landed in an actual bricks-and-mortar storefront for the first time! We’ve been on the shelves at The Markets Wanniassa shop since March.

Make sure you check the shop out if you’re over that way! There’s heaps of awesome handmade stuff in there, and the owners (the LOVELY Fiona and James and their helpful kiddos) are dedicated to supporting us local Aussie businesses grow – so let’s make an effort to support them to support us!


I collaborated with two beautiful, lovely and amazingly talented Canberra jewellery makers to bring you the #BlingBerra box!

Peta from Zoes Button Emporium and Amanda from LLL Designs and I put together a range of themed earring and jewellery boxes teeming with our great handmade products.

We got to know these two amazing local Canberra women during our collab, and we’re now lucky enough to call each other friends.

When people often put so much effort into bringing their “competition” down, I am honoured to work with other ladies (who also sell their beautiful handmade jewellery) who share my  mindset on this: when women support other women, amazing things happen.

New market setup

We (as in Mr Glitterbomb) built all new stands and a bloody big back wall for our market stall. It’s adorned with a super sparkly rose gold sequinned curtain which suits us perfectly!

Etsy Made Local market

We made 350 pairs of earrings in the week leading up to the amazing Meeting Place ACT Etsy Made Local community markets. We didn’t get much sleep in that week, but it was definitely worth it because we sold most of them on the day!

Alison, Canberra’s Etsy team leader and top notch market event manager, did an amazing job making the day a huge success and we can’t wait for this year’s market (hint, hint Alison!!).

Old Bus Depot Markets

We've enjoyed supporting and getting to know more local business owners and sharing knowledge to help each other grow.

We are monthly regulars at the Old Bus Depot Markets (OBDM) in Kingston, and love catching up with many of the lovely stallholders every time.

Peta from Zoes Button Emporium, Toni from Love My Beads, Kelly from Strawberry Field Bags, George, Raph and Doug from Giardi Designs (who made our wonderful custom aprons embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals), and the lovely Harry from Windfall Wood who kindly gave us some beautiful wood offcuts to incorporate into new products.

There are so many more talented people at OBDM, and supporting local businesses keeps your money local. OBDM is open every Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm – check our Markets & Stockists page for our dates.


The numerous occasions throughout the year when customers stopped by our markets (or sent us messages) to say hello and drop compliments on us. Every time we hear something like “they’re just beautiful” or “we just came to see you” or “I wear them all the time” our proudness meter goes nuts and we’re reminded of why we do what we do.

Busy, busy, busy!

We attended Old Bus Depot Markets 14 times, HonyTonks night market twice, Meeting Place ACT Etsy markets twice, along with three private markets.

We made and sold over 1500 pieces of jewellery across our channels in 2017.

Quick reminder: Glitterbomb Jewels is just Mr and Mrs Glitterbomb, who both work full time outside the business. We are super stoked with those numbers and look forward to meeting and hopefully beating those numbers in 2018…. but not by too much, we miss our sleep!

Thank you to each and every one of you who supported us in any way during 2017.

We love you. We adore you. We want to continue working our butts off to bring you all the bling in 2018.

Happy 2018!


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  • It was FABULOUS getting to know you guys ovr the last 12months! Here’s to more wonderful events in 2018!!!
    xx Amanda

  • HNY Mr&Mrs Glitterbomb!
    Hope 2018 is your year to sparkle with your amazing products which come with the famous Glitterbomb smile! Visit the guys at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston this year for something truly special! :)
    George, Raf & Doug
    Giardi Design

    Giardi Design
  • We are so thrilled to see your business going from strength to strength.. your combination of kickarse top quality creations along with superb customer service will see you grow and grow! We are completely chuffed to be sharing a tiny part of your growth! Xxx
    The Markets Wanniassa

    Fiona and James
  • Hello Mr and Mrs Glitterbomb
    2017 at Old Bus Depot markets was made even better getting to know you gorgeous arty crafty pair.
    Bring on a mighty 2018 I say!!!
    Toni xx
    Love My Beads


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